Meet the Align Team

Our team of highly qualified and specialised staff offer a wide range of treatments that cater to all levels of health and wellbeing.

Kerry Etkin

BSc Physiotherapy, Post Grad Dip Upper Limb Injuries, MAPA

Kerry qualified as a physiotherapist in Johannesburg in 1994, there she worked in a private hospital where she ran the hand therapy unit until 1997.

She decided to further her education and immigrated to Perth where she completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in upper limb injuries and hand rehabilitation from Curtin University.

From there the bright lights of Sydney beckoned and she moved across where she developed an interest in Pilates.

Having completed her certification from Body, Arts and Science, Kerry began her own practice, combining both her Physiotherapy and Pilates knowledge, which enable her to offer a comprehensive rehabilitation option. She went on to complete an Advanced Diploma of Pilates Practice through Pilates International and her studio also is a mentoring studio for Pilates International students.

Kerry has been studying the Gyrotonic method for the last 4 years and has completed her level 1 certification as well as her certification for the Jump Stretch Board.

Kerry presents at Post Graduate Pilates courses nationally.

Sandy Smuskowitz

Pilates Instructor

Sandy originally studied fashion and spent a number of years in the fashion industry.

After having her second child Sandy experienced severe back pain and was advised to take up Pilates. Sandy has been practicing Pilates since 2004 and 2015 became a certified Pilates instructor. Sandy is inspired to help improve clients health through mobility and movement and impart the knowledge and wisdom gained by her over her Pilates journey.

Sandy has a Certificate IV Pilates Matwork as well as a Diploma in Studio Pilates from Pilates ITC in Australia. She is currently training to become a GYROTONIC Instructor to further help her clients reach their goals and maintain and improve their strength and mobility.

In her spare time Sandy likes to exercise and travel and loves spending time with family and friends.

Martin Canova


Martin works closely with physiotherapy and Pilates Instructors to provide a holistic wellness-based care model which focused on the physical, emotional and biochemical systems of the body.

Coti Cibils

Pilates Instructor

Coti Cibils is passionate about movement and anatomy. She completed her Pilates teacher training in 2010 in Argentina and has been teaching ever since. As a hypermobile dancer with various injuries throughout her career, she studied and worked towards developing a safe and smart way to train bodies.

Her practice has been enriched by 14 years of studying and practising biomechanical stretching, an active and eccentric way to train our bodies. This technique allowed her to develop a deep knowledge of biomechanics and fascial work, helping to re-align our body and prevent and treat injuries, by developing amazing neuromuscular connections that will last a lifetime.

Coti has worked alongside numerous physiotherapists, gaining a deeper knowledge about how bodies work in a global way (tensegrity) and how the root of our injuries can be in different places, rather than where we feel the pain.

With a background in dance and acrobatics, as well as working with the general population with a huge variety of injuries, Coti has integrated all her knowledge from different techniques and her work experiences to create a tailored Pilates class where no matter your age, injury or main activity, you can get the most efficient training to reach your goals.

Kathryn O’Connor

BSc Physiotherapy, MAPA

Kathryn studied Physiotherapy at the University College Dublin, during this time while on a placement in Toronto she was introduced to Pilates as an effective adjunct to treatment and rehabilitation. Following this placement, she completed her teacher training with STOTT Pilates. On moving to Australia in 2010 she continued to develop her skill combining Pilates with Physiotherapy. Kathryn is interested in assessing movement dysfunctions and retraining optimal movement patterns to assist in her clients’ rehabilitation.

Kath has completed the Level 1 Gyrotonic® certification.

Ashlee Winmill

Pilates Instructor + Pysiotherapist

Ashlee found her love of movement from a young age, beginning her pilates journey during her full-time ballet training.

She travelled the globe performing on numerous Royal Caribbean cruise ships and high-kicking in various cabaret shows around Germany and Macau, before finally landing back home to begin a new career.

Ashlee has grown up teaching the next generation of ballet dancers, and in 2019 decided the next step would be to gain qualifications in Pilates instruction. Enrolling in PilatesITC she gained her Diploma of Pilates, and instantly fell in love with how teaching Pilates and teaching the principles of Pilates aligned with her previous dance knowledge.

Hungry for more, she gained entry into the Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Sydney University in 2022 and is currently on her way to gaining her degree.

Ashlee is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals within health and movement, in order to lead a happy and healthy life.

Farryl Roth


Meet Farryl, a highly skilled and experienced physiotherapist with a focus on treating headaches, back and neck pain, and sports injuries. With years of experience in the field, Farryl has developed a deep understanding of the complexities of the human body and in identifying and treating the root causes of pain and discomfort.

Whether you’re suffering from a persistent headache, a nagging back or neck pain, or an injury sustained during sports activities, Farryl has the expertise and tools to provide effective treatment and rehabilitation. His personalized treatment plans are tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals, utilising a range of manual therapies, exercise programs, and other specialised techniques.

Farryl is passionate about helping his patients achieve optimal health and wellness, and he works closely with them to identify and address the underlying issues that contribute to their pain and discomfort. Farryl creates a supportive and welcoming environment that puts patients at ease and encourages them to take an active role in their recovery.

If you are struggling with headaches, back or neck pain, or a sports injury, Farryl is here to help you get back to feeling your best.

Contact him today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward a pain-free and active life.

Mandy Tik Tolman

BSc Physiotherapy, MAPA

Mandy Tik Tolman has over 20 years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist, having worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

She has been delivering pelvic floor and deep abdominal exercise training through applying her unique sonography technique which she has developed over 10 years at Physiocentral clinic.

Her clients range from young adults with posture problems, pre- and post-partum women through to those reaching menopause and beyond with osteoporosis , pelvic prolapse and chronic back pain.

“Train without Strain“
Her ethos in clinical exercise training is especially popular among women
reaching menopause, and she has a robust client base who consult her in person and through telehealth.

Mandy Tik is truly motivated by her professional life goal, to empower women of all age and races to remain fit and active, enjoying their lives. Everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve their physical best.

She extends her professional vision to her personal life goals, having raced as an Ironman triathlete across the world and recently qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii; she plans to keep racing through her 50s, 60s and beyond.

  • Registered Physiotherapist HK
  • Specialized in Posture correction, Diastasis improvement through Pelvic Floor training