We treat patients with a holistic hands-on approach using a variety of techniques including; postural assessment, massage, joint mobilisation, active and passive stretching, taping, dry needling, myofascial and trigger point release techniques and cranial therapy.

Prior to starting classes with us, we do an in-depth musculo-skeletal assessment on each client. The assessment is followed by 2 private sessions. This enables us to implement an individualised, tailored program based on our findings from the initial assessment.


Pilates is a method of exercise, designed for conditioning and strengthening the muscles that support the spine, pelvis and peripheral joints. In rehabilitation we use Pilates to re-educate and re-balance the musculo-skeletal system by restoring normal muscle recruitment patterns, which are vital for the execution of efficient pain-free movement and prevention of further dysfunction and injury.
Each client is taken through a full Musculo-skeletal assessment which gives us an idea exactly what is or is not working in their body. From there the client has a private session during which the principles of Pilates are explained and the client is introduced to their program with a specific spotlight on the areas of weakness that were identified during the initial consultation. Thereafter the client may either continue with the private sessions or progress into a class. Each class has a maximum of 3 people and the instructor circulates around the class allowing for individual attention throughout the session.
All our instructors have undertaken full certification programs which have been approved by the Pilates
Alliance (National Regulatory Body). The studio is a Pilates Alliance Recognised Studio.
We are all committed to on-going continuing professional education in order to maintain an exceptional standard of Pilates instruction.


Specialising in complex cases referred by other practitioners (including dentists, Medical Practitioners, Behavioral Optometrists, Physiotherapists and other Chiropractors), our chiropractor has established a reputation for resolving cases that have not responded to more traditional approaches.
Headache resolution through an emphasis on Cranio-Dental structure and function has led our Chiropractor to work closely with other practitioners within a holistic paradigm. Sports Performance Optimization and Injury Risk Minimisation are also areas of specialisation along with the treatment of pre-pregnancy, post pregnancy and childhood issues utilising effective protocols and established techniques.


Anyone can benefit from counselling sessions but clients usually arrive in the middle of a particularly stressful or upsetting situation, when they’re overwhelmed or when they simply feel stuck in a rut. Counselling is an amazing opportunity to better know ourselves, understand our challenges and draw on our strengths.
How can talking help?
The counselling room becomes a safe place where you can truly hear yourself and begin to develop an ability to observe and understand your behaviours with the help of an objective witness. Apart from talking therapy, I use focussing skills, drawing, writing and visualisation to help you make the connection between your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours, fostering a healthy relationship between your body and mind. My aim is to help get you out of your own way and learn to care deeply for yourself.
In therapy you will learn techniques to access your inner saboteur and work with him or her to achieve your goals. You will be given a space to play out your fears and your hopes and you will discover how to use yourself as a healing resource. Importantly, you will work with your counsellor to create short
and long terms goals that can be assessed and practically applied.
Will the counsellor ‘fix’ me?
Instead, the counsellor will give you the space, techniques and strategies to gain a greater awareness of  how you repeat destructive patterns. You will then be able to make autonomous decisions on what gets in your way and how you need to shift and grow. You will heal you.