Meet the Team

KERRY ETKINBSc Physiotherapy, Post Grad Dip Upper Limb Injuries, MAPA
Kerry qualified as a physiotherapist in Johannesburg in 1994, there she worked in a private hospital where she ran the hand therapy unit until 1997.

She decided to further her education and immigrated to Perth where she completed a post-graduate diploma in upper limb injuries and hand rehabilitation from Curtin University.

From there the bright lights of Sydney beckoned and she moved across where she developed an interest in Pilates.

Having completed her certification from Body, Arts and Science, Kerry began her own practice, combining both her Physiotherapy and Pilates knowledge, which enable her to offer a comprehensive rehabilitation option. She went on to complete an Advanced Diploma of Pilates Practice through Pilates International and her studio also is a mentoring studio for Pilates International students.

Kerry presents at Post Graduate Pilates courses nationally.

Kathryn studied Physiotherapy at the University College Dublin, during this time while on a placement in Toronto she was introduced to Pilates as an effective adjunct to treatment and rehabilitation. Following this placement, she completed her teacher training with STOTT Pilates. On moving to Australia in 2010 she continued to develop her skill combining Pilates with Physiotherapy. Kathryn is interested in assessing movement dysfunctions and retraining optimal movement patterns to assist in her clients’ rehabilitation.
LOUISE SAWERSBachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Certified.
Louise has worked in the private practice setting in Auckland, New Zealand and Singapore, where she gained extensive experience in assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.
Louise also worked at Nelson and Middlemore hospitals in New Zealand where she received training under the guidance of expert physiotherapists, doctors and surgeons, while being exposed to a large variety of orthopaedic and medical cases. Her comprehensive hospital experience has allowed Louise to understand the continuum of care that is required in returning people to work and sport.
Louise has a strong interest in pilates and is certified in Polestar Pilates, She has taught pilates in New Zealand and Singapore and understands the extensive benefits that pilates can provide.
Louise wholly enjoys incorporating her knowledge base of musculosketetal related conditions with her skill base in pilates.
She understands the importance of developing programs that are tailored to each person’s individual needs, in order to help support them through their rehabilitation period, enabling them to optimise their recovery and return to their activity in peak heath.
ANDREW AROUSTIANPilates Instructor
Andrew is a passionate Pilates advocate who found his calling to the Pilates fold after a long career as an international touring dancer and teacher, followed by a stint as staff trainer for Virgin Australia.

He worked for 4 years in Paris at the famed Moulin Rouge and Lido De Paris cabarets, before returning to Australia in 2007 prior to that, filming Moulin Rouge and Bootman movies.

In 2008 Andrew began his Pilates training with Stott Pilates in Sydney and taught for several years across Elix’r Pilates studios.

In 2013 Andrew co-opened Xtend Barre Alexandria where he trained and taught Barre and Pilates for over three years whilst undertaking further training with PilatesITC to achieve his Diploma Pilates and moving into a training role for PilatesITC.

Andrew has taught movement extensively both internationally and in Australia, has Pre and Post Natal specialisation training from Centre for Women’s Fitness, holds his Training and Assessment qualification (TAE), and is nearing completion of his Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method (10538NAT)

In early 2018 Andrew attended ‘The Women and A Certain Man’ conference in Santa Fe, studying with protégé’s of a number of lineages in the Pilates Method including noted second generation teachers from the lineages of Eve, Kathy, Romana, and Ron.

Andrew’s combination of high level biomechanical knowledge, passion for the classical and evolved Pilates work, and professional training skills, makes him an informed and highly professional teacher and presenter.

ALISHA PORTERPilates Instructor
Alisha grew up in Canberra and was accepted as a contemporary dancer to WAAPA in 2006. An injury to her pelvis and hip socket saw Alisha introduced to clinical based pilates to support her continued full-time dance training, until surgery was needed in 2009. After spending time traveling and relocating to Sydney, Alisha sought out the Pilates International studios (PilatesINT) after a recommendation from a childhood dance teacher, as a way to recondition her body and postpone the need for further surgery. Alisha developed a consistent practice, her pain levels reduced and she was hooked.

A vision and goal setting conversation as part of her employment with Lululemon Athletica inspired Alisha to dream big and enroll in the Diploma with PilatesITC in 2015. Upon graduation Alisha was accepted as a Permanent Instructor and has been teaching full time ever since.

What gets Alisha excited and passionate about Pilates? That through patience, persistence and by celebrating the little steps along the way that anything is possible. Alisha currently works with a wide variety of clients including Pre & Post Natal, Professional Artists and Athletes, Scoliosis, MS, as well as those that are generally fit and healthy. Alisha’s “Big Scary 10 Year Goal” is to be part of an Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Team using Pilates to extending the careers of professional artists and athletes.

When not in a Pilates Studio, Alisha and her husband can be found indulging in their creative side by attending theatre performances, getting out of the city on the motorbike, and pulling silly faces with their 9 nieces and nephews.

SANDY SMUSKOWITZPilates Instructor
Sandy originally studied fashion and spent a number of years in the fashion industry.

After having her second child Sandy experienced severe back pain and was advised to take up Pilates. Sandy started practicing Pilates in 2004 and has since embraced Pilates which is an integral part of her life. Sandy is inspired to take the lessons she has learnt over the years and impart that on to her clients.

Sandy’s Pilates journey taught her how to stabilise the body from the inside out. Her focus is now to take these lessons of core and posture and translate that into the everyday lives of her clients.

She believes in the importance of tailoring programs around client’s individual needs to get the best outcome.

Sandy has a Certificate IV Pilates Matwork as well as a Diploma in Studio Pilates from Pilates International Training College (Pilates ITC).

In her spare time Sandy likes to walk and loves spending time outdoors with family and friends.

HADASS SEGAL (BA (Cum Laude), MA (Ed), Grad Dip (Psychotherapy & Counselling), MA (Psychotherapy & Counselling)
Hadass studied psychology and law and attained a Masters in Special Education. She then went to New York University’s Film School and spent 15 years as a journalist and screenwriter before leaving the world of fictional people to embrace the world of real people. She retrained as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist and has experience working with clients encountering depression, relationship breakdowns, addictions, compulsions, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, trauma, chronic pain, sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Her core philosophy is that the therapeutic relationship is collaborative. It is a connected journey that therapist and client take together, with the client setting the destination.
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Martin works closely with physiotherapy and Pilates Instructors to provide a holistic wellness based care model which focused on physical, emotional and biochemical systems of the body.