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What a great workshop with Kerry Etkin today on Stabilising from the Inside Out and Muscular Slings. Fantastic information backed up with practical tools to use straight away. Lots of ‘sling’ discoveries over the course of the workshop too. Thank you so much Kerry!

– Sally Anderson –

Aug 2015

Oov is an Australian designed and made exercise and therapy tool. Made from high quality foam, the patented designed supports the 3 curves of your spine and encourages rotational stability

Dec 2013

Vibration therapy is a form of therapy that uses full/whole body vibration to enhance physical parameters such as strength, blood flow, balance, flexibility and neurological changes.

Sept 2006

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Sydney Morning Herald

Become a Pilates Instructor:
Stretch and mend … Kerry Etkin demonstrates pilates at her Randwick studio.

Oct 2005

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